“I just found your site after doing the KonMari method. Loved her method because it got rid of the stuff I did not need. However, I am looking back at the categories and find that I need to go through it again… Now is the time for your method… post KonMari. I can be gentler with my possessions and really ‘look’ at them. Your method is the clean-up I needed. A slower, gentler, more mindful method.”–DJ

Tidying Up-Marie KondoAs the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. There is magic with all clearing – whether it is all at once, bit by bit, or a mix of approaches. The trick is to be consistent and mindful in your efforts.

  • Are you a KonMari convert, enjoying clutter-freedom at long last, and wondering how to keep it that way?
  • Do you feel that Marie Kondo’s clearing methods are too intense, too OCD, or just not your thing (as it were)?
  • Could you use a slower, gentler approach that dovetails with the KonMari way – or just a gentler approach, period?

Whether your life has been changed by Marie Kondo’s methods (or not); wondering how “The Spacious Way” stacks up with the KonMari way; or curious to know how to play a much bigger game that transforms clearing from a tedious exercise into “throwing things away” to a gentle journey in letting go… CLICK HERE to read 4-part series

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