“I want to be here with this moving on,
moment to moment, sweeping.”
–Gunilla Norris, Being Home.

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The simple act of sweeping is energizing. It can also be soothing and meditative. It’s way cheaper than therapy.

Get yourself a nice broom and keep it in a prominent, handy place. Here are some ways to make friends with it:

  • Sweep with the intention of invoking a fresh start, creating openings in your life, clearing a path to a solution to a problem that has eluded you
  • Sweep every day as a practice in mindfulness and letting go.
  • Sweep your front steps to bring new energy, chi, or life force, through your entrance.
  • Whack your sofas, chairs, pillows.
  • Reach and clear cobwebs in the ceiling, window frames, curtains, light fixtures.
  • Pretend you’re dancing with your beloved or playing the air guitar.
  • Get your profligate family to get off their duffs to help you!
  • And of course, don’t forget to…

Stop and feel

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