Neatniks Need Clearing Too

Does the clearing ever end?

One of my 30-Day email message subscribers recently renewed the series and shared these insights…

“Thank you Stephanie. This [clearing] is a life long process. I realize. Hard to believe that is an epiphany. It now seems so obvious. I used to think that I’d gradually accomplish a purge and be done with my old ways…. but it’s a constant process.”

My reply: “Yes a process for sure. That is why I call it a journey. A journey of self-discovery. Without the clutter there’d be no journey. ;-)”

Her response: “Yes I like that… clutter is a piece of admission to the good stuff. I don’t want to sound too uppity, but maybe people who never accumulate, who have floors you can eat off, and rooms as barren as hotels, DON’T have the internal clarity that their outer world suggests because they haven’t gone on the ‘journey’! No judgment here, just another incremental insight about the way it all hangs together…”

Me again: “You’ve got it. I’ve seen houses and worked with people that are spartan-clean and it’s like “nobody’s home.” Yes, even they need clearing to tap into the yumminess of the heart.”

Neatniks need clearing too.

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