Royal Reveries & Rememberings

Tomorrow is the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I can’t help but watch these two. They’re so cute! Plus I was there when Diana married Charles.

Well not really. In July 1981 I was in Ireland watching that royal wedding on the telee in a pub. I still have a coffee mug with the royal couple mug shot.  Diana is on one side, Charles on the other. I store my salad dressing bottle lids in it.

Speaking of Diana… She marries Prince Charles after just 13 “dates.” No love there. No hint of it even. (Unlike Kate and William who have been together for years.) Diana fulfills her duty, has her babies and loves them up through their teenage years, finds her way out of the loveless marriage, steps out to bring good to the world… and dies. It’s a royal bummer (literally).

It’s painful to watch replays of awkward royal bride Diana struggle with her emotions. You can tell she’s screaming inside, like she already knows at age 20 that she’s been handed a death sentence.

It’s a mystery why things play out and end up as they do. My hope is that William will experience the joy and fulfillment that his mother could not realize in her lifetime. My fantasy is that she’s in heaven celebrating big time with a glass of champagne, or a Bloody Mary …  totally grooving on the fact that her eldest son has found his true love.

I have a good feeling for William’s choice in life partner. Kate seems soft-spoken, wise, and caring. Not all that different than Diana, actually. I think she’ll be a refreshing addition to the monarchy.

Gives me hope.

Thoughts, anyone?


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