Home-HeartRecently I welcomed my new book into the world. Today I want to welcome YOU to its new home!

Yes. It’s been a longtime dream of mine to create a beautiful, interactive gathering place – a landing pad, if you will – that would support readers on their yearlong journey of clearing.

AYeartoClear.com is that place.

My vision was to create a nourishing home base, like a trailside lodge, where travelers can take a breather; reflect on their progress; and connect with others on the path.

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This is what makes AYearToClear.com unlike any other book website (that I know of):

First of all, it’s gorgeous. The 52 photos alone are enough to make you feel lighter and your heart sing! With help from my fabulous web designer, I curated the images with a very specific intention: to elevate and transport everyone who lands on each page.

Secondly, you will have a way to connect with others who are on the same week in the book as you are.

With 52 weekly sections (and 52 comment threads), you can read what people are saying about their experience; share triumphs and challenges; give and receive encouragement and support… and clear more clutter than you even knew you had!

AYearToClear.com gives you a way to connect with those who are traveling with you. The ones that will be on your channel and frequency.

Yes, it’s a journey. And you do not have to travel alone.

Curious to see what the interior pages look like?

CLICK HERE and hit the “Take a Peek” tab in the the upper right hand corner.

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