Awareness Changes Everything


“Awareness is like the sky. The emotions are… like birds that are crossing the sky. They come and they go.”–Ram Dass

Enjoy this excerpt from A Year to Clear:

What most clearing approaches lack is a key ingredient: awareness. This is the ability to tune in to and observe an experience with the five primary senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight) and the sixth sense of inner knowing—in present time. Feeling and witnessing a task or a stressful situation in the present moment does a magical thing: It releases stuck energy, quiets the mind, helps us detach more easily, and creates openings that weren’t there before.

Add awareness to weeding out the refrigerator, folding laundry, or talking to a difficult boss or family member, for example, and three significant things happen that can change your life forever: You have effectively lightened your load with less effort (even if it’s not immediately apparent in the moment); you’ve created a powerful ripple effect that makes weeding, folding, or talking to a difficult human easier the next time; and you’ve helped stop the cycle of attachment, resistance, fear, and self-blame—for good!

Clearing, in any form, lightens. Clearing with awareness, however, en-lightens. You get to choose which way you want to play.

Want more? Ram Dass shares his perspective in the video below. (Can’t see the video? Click HERE, or the “For Better Viewing” link above)

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