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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer

If you’ve read my books, or followed me on this blog, you’ll know that I don’t usually bring up politics…

That is, unless I see an opportunity to take our clearing to a whole new level, and play a bigger game that can lighten the way for all of us.

Like now.

The fact is, you have to be in a coma, or live off the grid somewhere, to not notice the torrent of highly-charged rants in the media these days. It’s been rough, bumpy weather on all sides of the spectrum.

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, I’d like to invite a reconsideration of the word “Resistance” – which has been making the rounds on posters, social media threads, and dinner table conversations.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not intrinsically a bad word. It does not diminish the work of courageous souls risking everything to make a difference.  That is not where I’m going with this.

No, what I mean is to take a closer look and think about – or better yet, feel into – the word itself. What happens when you close your eyes and say “I’m resisting”? Or, “I resist.”

When it comes to clearing, resistance is not our friend. It does not get us what we want.

Resisting stops the flow of energy. It closes the channels to light and healing. It shuts down our ability to change our relationship with (i.e. clear) whatever it is that is holding us back.

Resistance is not going to get us very far when we’re trying to clear the insanity in our basements or attics. Nor will it help us reduce a stressful situation at the office, our finances, the world.

Consider the exuberant plant in the photo above. Would it thrive the way it does if it was resisting growth? Resisting nourishment?

So, you might ask, how can we stand our ground, march for what we hold true, fiercely advocate for what we believe in… without resisting?

Here’s how: You can start with you. You can quiet the divisive rants going on in your head. You can practice being the peace you wish to see. You can be a fierce advocate for yourself.

You can adopt a different word – and modus operandi – that is a lot more powerful, elastic, fluid

like resilience.

Can you feel the energetic difference between resistance and resilience?

One small conscious shift… can change everything.


Want more? Watch the brilliant Byron Katie work her magic with belief patterns in the video below. [Can’t see the video, click the “For Better Viewing” link above]




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  • Charlotte Daily

    Thank you so much for posting that wonderful video with Byron Katie. SO heart-expanding and consciousness-shifting. Truly a gift. I would probably never have known about it. And YOUR words are so reasoned and practical. Thank you. Charlotte

  • Mary Jorgensen

    I love the clarity of “persist” vs “resist”. My work is about persisting in resilience. My book, Way of the SAGE: 4 Paths to Manage Stress and Build Resilience,came about when I realized I needed to be honest with my inner self in order to persist in my own life. Turns out a lot of others have the same need. Byron Katie’s work provides a guide to deep honesty. My work emphasizes the need for Spiritual practice, Authenticity insights, Gratitude reminders, and deep Enjoyment.
    Thank you!
    Mary Jorgensen