Clearing at the Speed of Light

Instagram photo by Stephanie Bennett Vogt

Airplane rides. We’ve all been on them. Unfortunately, what we most focus on these days are the hassles:  the packing, getting through security, making our connections, getting home on time.

We have totally lost touch with the true marvel of sitting in a chair at 35,000 feet above sea level, hurtling through space at 500 miles per hour without as much as a hair getting out of place.

I mean seriously. How amazing is that!?

Unless there is another plane in the sky to give you some perspective, it feels like you’re virtually crawling like a snail to your destination.

But of course, we all know you’re not.

Clearing the “slow drip,” baby-step way is no different.

Next time you feel like you’re moving at a glacial pace, getting nowhere, falling off the wagon, losing hope, going three steps forward and four back, remember the plane ride.

What is really happening – under the radar of any discernible progress – is quite the opposite of what your mind is telling you.

When you set your intention, set doable action steps, let go of attachment to the outcome, and nourish yourself with self-care – every day – you are, in fact, traveling at the speed of light.

Want more? Watch the brilliant Louis CK bring you back down to earth and help you remember what matters. Can’t see the video? CLICK HERE, or click the “FOR BETTER VIEWING link at the top of this page:







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