Stepping into Stillness

Instagram photo by Stephanie Bennett Vogt

The word “labor” sounds so…um, painful. And exhausting. Yet, we spend most of our days unconsciously laboring.

Laboring at the computer; laboring over what to wear; laboring over what to cook for dinner; laboring over to-do lists that never seem to get done; laboring over what people think; laboring over the state of our homes, our kids, our weight, our finances, our hair…

While Labor’s sibling, Stillness, waits and watches in what I can only imagine is amused silence.

What if choosing stillness over labor could be as simple as flipping a switch inside you? What if it could be an experience that you could simply call in, or step into, or rest inside of?

–Excerpt: Lesson 234 – “Flip the Switch” – from “A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back!,” online course on DailyOM by Stephanie Bennett Vogt

A more expanded version of this appears in Stephanie’s book A Year to Clear on Day 242.

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