“Creating beautiful home spaces that feel good and nourish people has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Drawn by the larger questions of how our living spaces reflect us, affect us, and support us, I discovered and pursued a more intuitive branch of feng shui (and little-known field at the time) called space clearing. That was twenty years ago. My journey as a “house whisperer” has since evolved into a mission: to change the way people relate to their stress and stuff, and teach simple ways to release it that lighten, enlighten, and last.”

Stephanie Bennett Vogt


In 1996 I walked away from teaching at one of Boston’s preeminent schools at the height of a twenty-year career. I was at the top of my game, and burned out. I didn’t know what I loved anymore, or who I was.

By releasing a huge part of my personal and professional identity, I was able to get in touch with the things that made my heart sing (and cringe): my passions, my longings, my fears… my clutter! For the super-organized neatnik that I am, this last revelation came down like a sledge-hammer to my self-concept and world-view.

“Turns out I didn’t need to go on a pilgrimage or meditate on a mountaintop to find myself. My home became my temple, my clutter was my teacher, and my journey of self-discovery began with clearing out a single drawer.”

Years of study, personal inquiry, and training with the World’s leading experts in the field of environmental space clearing, personal clearing, feng shui, dowsing, clutter clearing, women’s spirituality, and Svaroopa yoga led to two space clearing certifications [one with Karen Kingston, another with Australian dowser, Eric Dowsett] and the founding of SpaceClear, a teaching and consulting practice dedicated to bringing homes and their occupants into balance.

My journey has also led to various significant births in writing: two books – Your Spacious Self and  A Year to Clear – and two book anthologies with authors Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and others. My unique perspectives on simplifying, self-discovery, and letting go also appear on The Huffington Post, DailyOM, and other venues.

“Your Spacious Self took ten years to write.
The amount of time it took to decode and embrace
my own slippery relationship with my stuff and my
stress, and discover the secret why most
well-intentioned clearing practices don’t last.”

Besides writing, my other true love is teaching. With nearly forty years of experience, I have been privileged to offer long and short programs at world-class centers like Kripalu and the New England School of Feng Shui, and at international writer’s and wellness conferences. I am especially proud of my two bestselling online courses on DailyOM, which, to date, count on over 80,000 participants combined.

Forty years in the healing arts includes the work of José Silva (the Silva Method); Usui Reiki as taught by the oldest living master, John Harvey Gray; study with the late Dr. Brugh Joy; Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl; and the pioneering energy and Earth healing work of Rev. Desda Zuckerman, master dowser and teacher from Northern California.

“With all the inspiration that I’ve received through life experience, extraordinary opportunity, and study with brilliant teachers over the years there’s no replacing the wisdom that simply comes from living life in present time, embracing the shadow when it shows up, and entering each moment with innocent curiosity. When I can bring these qualities to the table, I feel totally spacious—and complete.”

After nearly two decades on this path I am excited to share what I know deep in my bones about clearing our homes and our lives; to offer resources that meet you where you are, and programs that transform a class “you take” into one that “takes you” on a revealing journey of who you really are.

In the true spirit of the word “remember” which means to call back and gather all of the missing parts of your self that have been lost or forgotten, I offer my best wishes in your journey of remembering, reclaiming, and experiencing your most spacious self.

Happy clearing!

Stephanie Bennett Vogt

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