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A sampling of comments from readers and students of A Year to Clear

“You are like the Lighthouse in the fog… pointing the way for me to “Slow Down” and not crash and burn in the “overwhelm.” I love this…and I love the Baby Step approach…Thank you for reminding me that I can do this!”

“I have followed so many ‘gurus’ over the years that I need to figure out what works for ME, and not necessarily what Marie Kondo/Flylady/Peter Walsh/ various nutrition people/etc say I should do? I like this slow drip method, because it is more MEwork, rather than a how to.”

“I have tried many, many de-cluttering/organizing programs and they haven’t worked…and I know exactly why – it’s me. I need to de-clutter mentally before I can do this or that to make everything pretty and organized. 

This course has been the first program I have found to deal with my mind set first! I can’t thank you enough Stephanie Bennett Vogt for this godsend!”

“… A fresh approach that works! I think we are all much too prone to buy self-help books, read a chapter or two, and then give up and move on to the next self-help tome. These well paced daily lessons keep me excited and focused. Now, removing both the inner and outer clutter is as exciting as it was accumulating it. Thank you Stephanie for caring deeply enough to meticulously build a concise and superior course that is about real human needs and issues, not an impersonal book of charts-and-graphs on seemingly impossible goals. I look forward now to my new and adventuresome life.”

“Thank you Stephanie Bennett Vogt for bringing a ray of light into my life, along with a little laughter, a neater home, a purging mind, a body that listens with happy radiant cells and a joyful soul where my Light shines through. TY TY TY!”

“It’s not even a week yet in my Year to Clear, and you’ve already facilitated marvelous SHIFTs for me to lighten the load. What a genius technique at the end I will be using over and over, as doing it just the first time today created a definite and astonishing breakthrough for me. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with the notion of a Year to Clear, in all its meanings, and for sharing all your years of discovery and even the science behind why some things work so well. I will be spreading the word, yes, Stephanie!”

“How does a little daily email…one that is sometimes only a sentence or two!….motivate me to accomplish so much!?!? Daily awareness and cultivating an ability to observe and not judge have been huge positive factors. It’s helped me step back and look deeper into the why of my behaviors without feeling bad about them. This in turn, is helping me let go of things.”

“I continue my journey of letting go and you have replaced my pain with genuine joy and happiness. Thank you for this amazing gift of transformation.”

“I have read probably 1000 self help books over the years many with exercises to do that I never followed. And now since retiring I’m doing the clearing exercises every morning when I journal. I’m loving them and finding them valuable…yay for me!”

“You are really doing a service to mankind! The comments and realizations are tremendous!”

“After years of being frustrated with my lack of progress with clutter, I finally feel I have found someone who is speaking my language and I feel optimistic. I look forward to my journey with you!”

“I like how out of the box your message is. I want to grasp it with my brain but you keep telling me to do it another way. One I know is there but hasn’t been used much and needs to be developed. Thanks.”

“You’ve so demystified all those self-defeating feelings I have when I confront my own clutter. Or, to be insanely honest, when I tune out the clutter.”

“You are a wonderful teacher: compassionate, kind, supportive, informed and thoughtful. Thank you. Well done/doing.”

“To learn how to let go of what blocks my heart has been the primary purpose of taking this course. Thank you Stephanie Bennett Vogt for [your work], it is changing my life drip by precious drip.”

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A sampling of comments from those who have experienced Stephanie’s teachings in person…

“It is not simply by chance that I ask Stephanie Bennett Vogt to come back every year to brilliantly share her magic. The ability to “clear the space within” and be fully present for yourself and others is not only the foundation of all energy work – it is the foundation of a happy life. “As within, so without” teaches us that clearing both our inner and outer spaces is an essential piece of the whole.” –Amy Mims, Director, New England School of Feng Shui

“Kudos to you, Stephanie, for personally involving yourself with your work.  I’ve never before experienced a teacher with such a follow-up presence.  Truly, in so doing you have gone above and beyond the norm, even in a field that is perhaps not itself the ‘normal’ and yet, at the same time, extra-ordinary!”

“Your authenticity and relaxed and casual manner totally invite me the listener to open to take in your message and the healing energy you radiate. I totally love how I felt while in your energy presence.”

“You are a great teacher, Stephanie, making the information available in the way that you do.  The biggest piece I took away from the class was learning to trust myself and my results.  The results might not have made sense at the time, but then the reasons would unfold slowly and reveal themselves, like magic.”

“I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last 9 weeks… Can’t believe I’ve been able to do it because I love coffee/chocolate/lard/sugar!!!  Of course there are bite marks all over the woodwork in our house, but I’m sticking with it.  I have so much more energy…I really hope people get the message that this work will change their lives for the better.”

“I liked that all you need is yourself to do this work. Thank you again for sharing this amazing experience.”

“Stephanie, you teach from your heart, and it was a gift to witness!”


Weighing in on the KonMari (Marie Kondo’s) method…

“I decided to try the commando method of organizing briefly. Your book had made profound, actually life-altering, changes in my mindset; my psychological/emotional- and financial-worlds are deeply indebted. But I thought I’d try the KM way to make faster progress in my physical world… In a way it felt like forcing myself to give up items I didn’t want to give up, which was very stress-inducing, not the home feel I am going for! … I remain highly successful as a devotee of yours for my internal space, and my outer space is a really comfy, peaceful work in progress!”

“Loved [KonMari’s] method because it got rid of the stuff I did not need. However, I am looking back at the categories and find that I need to go through it again. Now that I can ‘see’ my favorite stuff I am finding that they are either torn, stained, falling apart. Not so favorites anymore. Without the KonMari Method I would have been lost. Now is the time for your method [where] I can be gentler with my possessions and really ‘look’ at them. Your method is the clean-up I need. A slower, gentler more mindful method.”

“I, for one was paying attention to what happened with Marie Kondo’s book because I only took it out of the library, read a few pages on folding my jeans and then promptly returned it. To my way of thinking, your books (and yes, they are too different to even compare) have stayed with me, are re-read and have multi-faceted writing and suggestions. There are no absolutes…. maybe I just think your approach is more lasting, more empathetic and more of what is disappearing from the culture.”

“I guess I am a slow drip girl all the way. I have been faced with many major house repairs this summer (like re-piping) in which I have had to deal with my stuff. When feeling overwhelmed I just remember you talking about stopping, breathing, noticing the “weather” of what’s passing through me and shifting  some energy by doing one thing.  Sometimes I would try your idea of sweeping or just doing one pile of stuff or papers and it is amazing to me how clearing one thing really does shift the energy!  I have started to  stop and honor that feeling, to savor it. While I guess with this way there isn’t the full-on rush of seeing everything cleared, cleaned and organized all at once, that option seems only doable if you can wave the magic wand and voila! it’s done. Thanks so much for your depth approach to clearing and living.”

“I received [Marie Kondo’s] book in e-form for a book review,  and while I enjoyed it,  your approach is the one that meshed with me.  I realize you’re not plumbing for compliments, but it’s true.  Marie was too radical for me,  and you use a tender way of clearing.  Much better in my state of mind.  I think her immaturity was showing just a bit.”