“At SpaceClear we believe that clearing your home and life is not just something you ‘do’ to lighten your load. It is way bigger than that. Clearing is a journey that delivers sparkling clarity and spacious ease when you slow down, quiet the mind, let go of attachment, and cultivate gentle self-care.”

–Stephanie Bennett Vogt, Founder

Most of us do too much, or have more possessions than we need or use. Or both. With our lives swept up in an overwhelming swirl of attachments, worry, and endless, mechanical “doing,” our minds become fuzzy on what stays and what goes, what matters and what doesn’t. As humans it is in our nature to experience clarity and spaciousness all the time. The problem is we lose focus, get off balance, and forget how.

So how do we dial it back – or even begin – to reduce the noise, release the stuff that doesn’t serve and support us, and connect with that which makes our hearts sing?

One small step at a time, in present time.

Welcome to SpaceClear – home to a whole NEW WAY of clearing. Our mission is to change the way the world relates to stress and stuff and teach simpler, gentler ways to release it that lighten, enlighten, and last.

What is this “whole, new way of clearing,” exactly? Learn more about the Spacious Way >

Too much information? Get started clearing now. When you take the first step you set a strong intention, and the rest takes care of itself. Curious what that step might look like? Find out here >

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