A Year to Clear: A Daily Guide to Creating Spaciousness in Your Home and HeartPreface


Week 1:     Departing

Week 2:    Clearing Made Easy

Week 3:    Gaining Awareness

Week 4:    Coming Out of the Closet

Week 5:    Moving Stuck Energy

Week 6:    Tuning Up the Senses

Week 7:    Embracing Emotional Weather

Week 8:    Slowing Down

Week 9:    Releasing Old Stories

Week 10:  Paring Down the Purse

Week 11:   Sensing Energy in Things and Spaces

Week 12:   Connecting with Home

Week 13:   Being Enough

Week 14:   Moving Things, Moving On

Week 15:   Inviting Calm

Week 16:   Turning Up the Light

Week 17:   Soul Calling

Week 18:   Letting Go, Letting Flow

Week 19:   Filters and Perceptions

Week 20:   Dissolving the Illusion of Separation

Week 21:   Taming the Monkey Mind

Week 22:   Cultivating Ease

Week 23:   Tending the Home

Week 24:   Easing Pain

Week 25:   Breaking the Chain of Pain

Week 26:   Taking Time to Pause

Week 27:   Releasing with Water

Week 28:   Letting In the Light

Week 29:   Being Bold, Being Vulnerable

Week 30:   Allowing Imperfection

Week 31:   Waiting It Out

Week 32:   Singing Praises

Week 33:   Cultivating Self-Care

Week 34:   Nourishing Self-Worth

Week 35:   Stepping into Stillness

Week 36:   Homing In on Joy

Week 37:   Feeling Good

Week 38:   Honoring the Past

Week 39:   Cultivating Deep Rest

Week 40:   Getting Good Sleep

Week 41:   Tuning In to Guidance

Week 42:   In-quiring

Week 43:   Embracing Not-Knowing

Week 44:   Supporting Real Ease

Week 45:   Marking Progress

Week 46:   Being with Loss

Week 47:   Forgiving

Week 48:   Spacious Revealing

Week 49:   Loving Up Our Spaces

Week 50:   Dreaming Big

Week 51:   Losing Ourselves, Finding Ourselves

Week 52:   Continuing


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