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“Stephanie Bennett Vogt’s book is an enlightening combination of wisdom, humor, and common sense. It takes those daily (and sometimes annoying) tasks in home tending and transforms them into an experience that will open your heart and feed your soul.” –Arielle Ford, author Wabi Sabi Love

“Homes are like bodies. All they need is a little daily care to support well being to last a lifetime. And nobody shows you how to do this better than Stephanie Bennett Vogt.” –Miriam Nelson,Ph.D., international bestselling author of the Strong Women books

“Don’t miss Stephanie Bennett Vogt’s newly revised edition of Your Spacious Self, inspiring a unique approach to addressing the ‘clutter’ that permeates our inner and outer worlds. Stephanie is the real deal and masterfully guides us through a process that allows us to be fully present and joyfully connected – even in our most challenging moments. The tools shared are simple – the results are profound and will transform your life in the most unexpected ways. Enjoy!” –Amy Mims, Director, The New England School of Feng Shui

Your Spacious Self will teach you how to clear your house and your mind!” – Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

“Your Spacious Self transformed my understanding of ‘tidying up.’ Never before did I view external clutter as a pathway to internal growth, as stuck energy, and as something that was separating me from my true essence. Before you tackle another closet, read this book!” —Susan Page, bestselling author of Why Talking is Not Enough

Your Spacious Self is a true gem. Stephanie Bennett Vogt’s kind, wise, and honest teachings will guide and keep by you for a long time. Her clearing practices are worth the price of the book. I highly recommend it.”  –Marilyn Paul, Ph.D., author, international bestseller It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys: The Seven Step Path to Becoming Truly Organized;

“This is decluttering book that actual got me over the hump and I’ve been able to both implement *sustainable* practices and get more decluttering done in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. This isn’t “binge cleaning” reminiscent of diets (which all know by now do not work), but a soulful look at clearing space physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I’ve even expanded the decluttering to social/professional realms and am anticipating mind-blowing effects. Many of the principles are not unique (e.g., only keep things you love or need and have a home); others are so simple (e.g., putting one thing away for a week) yet completely transformative. Making space is presented as a lifelong marathon and you are given useable tools to make space for your self and your soul for the long haul, not just for this weekend. I promise reading this will change your life. However, it may lead to letting go of things, people, and/or situations that you didn’t even know didn’t serve you.”–Austin S., Goodreads

“I felt understood, nurtured and empowered.”Reviewer, Persis Granger [read full review]

“Vogt’s process is quite different from that of the organizational experts you see on cable TV. It’s not as simple as merely sweeping through a room one afternoon, dividing the stuff into a “keep” box and a “toss” box, and setting up new cabinets to house the remainders. Vogt is a “space clearer.” And “space” is here defined quite broadly — so much so, that once you start reading, you realize that you and your own “monkey mind” are the first spaces that need the most clearing. While she does attend to the physical mechanics of sorting and finding a home for each one of your cherished possessions, the majority of the text goes much further than that. It calls for introspection, for thinking before and during and after, and for understanding the reasons why your clutter accumulated in the first place.”–Corinne H. Smith, Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon [read full review]

“[At first] I read Your Spacious Self and tried some of the exercises in passing, and although Stephanie made a lot of sense and I laughed sometimes, nothing dramatic happened. A couple hours after finishing the book, I went to bed. Before I knew it, the acupuncture points in the web of both thumbs started to burn. I mean those babies were on fire. I am a professional practitioner of Chinese medicine and I knew right away the significance of this activity. That thumb point is the major point for the large intestine—where we store you-know-what…our literal crap. Both literally and metaphorically, of the hundreds of acupuncture points, it is the main point to enable letting go of that which no longer serves us. It is the point to help relinquish aspects of the self that have lost value as well as refuse from the past. As I said, my mind had thought the book interesting and entertaining. My being had found it utterly profound. I knew deep inside that Stephanie Vogt was on to an unusual approach to saying goodbye to things in life. A way that transcended consciousness. I was likely terrified. What was I going to do on Sundays for the rest of my life if she convinced me I was just moving crap around?” –M.R., Master Practitioner, Chinese Medicine

“If you are looking for an organizing book that only tells you how to corral your clutter, this isn’t it. There are tips for how to tackle the physical clutter, like doing a 1 minute clean up or setting up boxes as receptacles for things that need to be put away. However, there are many more ideas on how to mentally deal with the clutter. I had no idea that physical clutter could affect me so much mentally. Then I started to really look at my life. I realized that when my living room and kitchen are messy I often feel creatively stuck. There are those strings, tying down my creativity!” –Review, Janel’s Jumble [read full review]

“I love your structured break-down of clutter as physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual energy that follows you everywhere! A Bible on self-care, your book has opened me to new areas of growth and clearing. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this light in years.”LM, Concord, MA

“I can’t begin to tell you all the changes – external and internal – that your book is helping move along. Most amazing though is the change with an ongoing issue with my mom and other strong-willed women in my life. I tried the “Unplugging” suggestion, and immediately felt a difference in my attitude toward her and them (we’ll see what happens when I actually have to interact with her, but I’m hopeful!). THANK YOU!!!! Your work is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it, and it’ll be me who’s responsible for the increase in your royalties.”–KP, Pawtucket, RI

“This is the best book out there on decluttering! I’ve read a few other feng shui or decluttering books, and yours goes way beyond the rest – it’s SOOOO holistic – such a combination – not just de-cluttering, but good soul stuff too.” –AC, Chicago, IL

“Your Spacious Self is a time-released launch rocket boost to a profoundly evolved version of you!”— Lynn Taylor, Boston Feng Shui

“I ADORE YOUR BOOK!!!! You have such a wonderful, exuberant, knowledgeable, and witty writing style that makes your book a joy to read. And there are millions of people whose consciousness would so expand by reading your book. Thank you for holding all of us on this journey— it really has changed my life.”—Mary Lombard, Ph.D.. Professor of Biology, Regis College

“Fabulous!” ”It is unique and it is fresh.”— Alice Markowitz, two-time Emmy-award winner

“This was a life-changing read! DO order this book. It’s very accessible, readable, and compelling. You are certain to emerge with new insights — and a new YOU! I loved this book!”—Susan Page, best-selling author of Why Talking is Not Enough

“Supportive… Practical… Vogt shows how cleaning the living room can help clear the mind. Emphasizing the process of clearing rather than focusing on the end result… the approach the author recommends uses small steps and honors emotions which may pop up during space-clearing work. In this way, real growth can take place in a peaceful, balanced fashion.” —Kirkus Discoveries

“I want you to know that I bought several copies of your book to give away and the first recipient said to me “I felt the energy.” Another said in her thank you note “But I am especially enjoying the clutter book.  It’s unusual and so challenging that I started New Year’s day throwing out papers, organizing my little office-in-a-tray on my bed and then 3 kitchen shelves.” So you see your influence spreads in all directions.”–CW, CT

“You made a big difference to me and I have been touting your book to anyone who will listen. It will be at the top of my gift list.” –JL, Toronto, Canada

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