Being with Heartbreak

“One could say that going through loss is the great awakener. It is a potential opening if you don’t run away from it. What is usually condemned as ‘bad’ by the mind and [...]

A Day to Remember

The video below has a great deal of significance for me for many reasons: Though it’s super short, it still manages to showcase some of my favorite photographs of Day of Dead in San Miguel [...]

Feelings are Golden

If you want to put someone to sleep, start talking about your clutter. This is not a judgment, mind you. It’s just a fact. I noticed this pattern a lot in my clearing workshops and retreats [...]

Sleep Matters

“Tell me, is there any reason not to feel like you’re in heaven when you crawl into bed every night?” –A Year to Clear Whether or not you’re sleeping like a baby these [...]

The Inconvenient Truth of Stuff

The video (below) by Erin Janus has been making the rounds. It’s good. It lays it on thick. Even just watching half of it gets the point across. Yes, no one would argue that the world is [...]

Worst Day Ever?

The brilliant poem below written by an eleventh grader from Brooklyn, NY is as powerful visual as I’ve ever seen on how our thoughts and words can change everything. Here’s the trick: [...]