A Day to Remember

The video below has a great deal of significance for me for many reasons: Though it’s super short, it still manages to showcase some of my favorite photographs of Day of Dead in San Miguel [...]

Living Out Your Dream

“Kinda is lethal.”–Omeleto This one is for all you brave ones doing the work of clearing and realizing your dreams. Watch the video (below) to remind you, when you forget, why [...]

Feelings are Golden

If you want to put someone to sleep, start talking about your clutter. This is not a judgment, mind you. It’s just a fact. I noticed this pattern a lot in my clearing workshops and retreats [...]

Progress is Not Linear

“Clearing is not something you “do,” fix, or squeeze into your life. It’s a way of life—a journey—that doesn’t always add up, make sense, or go in a straight line.” –A Year to Clear [...]

One Way to Unwind

“The point of the labyrinth is to enjoy the journey. All you have to do is follow the path and you will get there.”–Denny Dyke. Labyrinths have been around for centuries. Not to be [...]

Transformation Takes Work

“I bought the diet book, but ate my usual foods.” “I filled the prescription, but didn’t take the meds.” “I took the course… well, I watched the [...]