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October 2007

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Stephanie Bennett Vogt

I love the fall. It's show time... and so time! The cool nights and crisp air inspires me to clear off my desk and revisit my closet; to welcome the comforter and flannel sheets; take stuff to the Goodwill… Shedding the old immediately changes the energy in my space and invites possibility.

In the spirit of creating new openings and sharing insights that have been percolating for over a decade, I welcome you to my very first newsletter!

As you can probably guess, I’m sensitive to the crowding reality of too much “stuff,” especially when it relates to an email box full of unread missives. It is my wish to offer occasional messages that are inspiring and brief; messages that invite you to open the channels rather than close them down. If this, or any future postings from me put it over the top for you, no problem—it’s is easy to unsubscribe.

That being said, I realize that my inaugural newsletter does not win the prize for brevity. I hope you’ll forgive me this time when you read some of my exciting news below, some of which is hot off the presses.

May this fall inspire you to shed the things that no longer serve and support you—to make room to experience more clarity and spaciousness in your home and life!

All best,
Stephanie Bennett Vogt

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Your Spacious Self by Stephanie Bennett VogtYour Spacious Self

Anaïs Nin once wrote: "We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are." Most of us are overwhelmed by too much stuff in our homes and by too much stress in our lives. We feel trapped by our things and run by our worries. Imagine what we might experience if our homes and lives were more balanced and clear.

I am pleased and proud to announce my new award-winning book—the ultimate guide in tending your home, honoring your self, and energizing your life.

Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are is the culmination of many years of study, deep inquiry, and personal experience on a topic that is near and dear to everyone’s heart.

  • One enthusiastic reader declares it A Bible on self-care…Your book has opened me to new areas of growth and clearing…I can honestly say I haven’t felt this light in years.”LM
  • A New England college professor writes: “ You have such a wonderful, exuberant, knowledgeable, and witty writing style that makes your book a joy to read. And there are millions of people whose consciousness would so expand by reading your book. Thank you for holding all of us on this journey it really has changed my life.”ML, Ph.D.
  • Internationally-acclaimed feng shui consultant, writer says: “Your Spacious Self is a time-released launch rocket boost to a profoundly evolved version of you!”LT
  • A two-time Emmy-award winner simply calls it “Fabulous!” ”It is unique and it is fresh.”AM
  • A best-selling author sums it up: “This was a life-changing read! DO order this book. It's very accessible, readable, and compelling. You are certain to emerge with new insights and a new YOU! I loved this book!”SP

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My book on sale at Barnes and NobleMy Book at
Barnes and Noble

Seeing my book displayed next to the New York Times bestsellers at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Burlington, MA is an unmitigated thrill! I don’t think I’ve quite processed the reality that I’ve completed this eight-year labor of love, let alone published a book that has earned both Editor’s Choice and Publisher’s Choice distinctions. Next to pinching myself, this “red carpet” photo of my book rubbing elbows with some famous titles helps remind me that this thing really has been launched!

One year ago, this was just a dream. You could say I’m like one of those starry (or bleary)-eyed winners in the reality TV shows who say they’ve imagined their moment of glory their entire lives. Me, maybe not my whole life, but two years ago while sipping a latte at the Barnes and Noble café on Washington Street in Boston, I imagined my book beautifully displayed on the “New Arrivals” wall near the store entrance. Yes, folks, I really did imagine this, corny as it sounds. I believe in the power of the mind to create reality, and I even wrote a chapter about it. Still it surprises me sometimes when a deep yearning is realized in such a concrete way.

If you live in Concord, MA, you’ll see my book in the window of The Concord Bookshop (rubbing elbows with the works of our local boys Henry David and Ralph Waldo) where it has already sold out its first batch of twenty copies! What can I say, I am enormously pleased.

If you’d like to BUY A COPY of my book, I invite you to support one of these booksellers or order it through your local bookshop.

You can also find it online on

If you like what you read I invite you to place a review on to help build the energy for its continued success! Thank you for your support.

Project MessengersProject Messengers

After publishing my book this past May, my learning curve for marketing jumped from zero to somewhere in the stratosphere (where I’m still spinning), thanks to my discovery of the Internet— a veritable gold mine for delivering a message and building a global audience.

On a whim early this summer I entered my name for a chance to win one of 15 coveted slots to work with a premier Internet coach, online course designer, and visionary named Robert Evans. This guy is the founder of the Pass Along Concepts, a Web-based vehicle for promoting people, their message, and their products. He has developed online tools for authors like Lynn Grabhorn (Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting), and Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God). His is one of the most diverse e-learning companies on the Internet.

I am pleased to say that out of over 125 applicants I was chosen to be one of the “15 Messengers”! At this writing I am developing a very exciting online course, a flash movie, and a free email series that will allow folks to experience my work in a more personal and transformative way—what I see as the perfect companion to my book.

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A Teacher's Dream

It is a teacher’s dream to find new ways that unlock an ah-ha moment: to design dynamic experiences that meet participants where they are and take them on a ride of self-discovery that can change them forever.

For me, the potential of the Web to further support people in their journey of clearing—every day—is extraordinary beyond words! And I’m just beginning to discover its profound applications. Yes, this teacher is still grocking what it can mean to teach what she loves to so many more people, and do it in a way that is easy, fun, and lasting!

My first online project will be launched later this fall. Stay tuned!

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Lots cooking. For information about my talks, classes, and workshops for this upcoming year, click here.

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