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Awareness Changes Everything

“I feel completely different today. Almost like my meltdown created space for a whole new me. ” (sbv)

If you read “Massaging a Meltdown” (Feb 23, 2009), my blog post which describes a rough re-entry I had after a two-week vacation in Mexico, you might be interested to know what happened next:


Here’s what I did:


The emotional weather I was experiencing moved through as quickly as I could write it all down. As I described later to a friend:

“Self-revealing ‘meltdowns’ go with the territory of what I do for a living. Not always pleasant, but it always seems that the space and the people who occupy the space are lighter (brighter, clearer, more balanced) after some soulful and unattached off-gassing.”

Bottom line: I feel clearer, and calmer these days. And in the space of my observing, the world “out there” seems to be reflecting that calmness right back to me…

Like the time Eckhart Tolle just "happened" to pop up on my TV screen on ABC’s Nightline, a show I hardly ever watch. In this six-minute segment, Tolle talks about the mind and our thoughts. He says that around 99% of our thoughts are repetitive, and habitual. And most of those are negative.

I especially loved the part in the interview where he uses the weather metaphor to talk about non-identification:

Q: “Don’t you ever get annoyed, irritated, or sad…anything negative…?”

A: “No, I accept what is, that’s why life has become so simple.”

Q: “Even when somebody cuts you off in your car…?”

A: “It’s fine. It’s like a sudden gust of wind. I don’t personalize a gust of wind. It’s simply what is.”

Hmmm, right now I’m thinking how much thinking I do! And how much rehashing I do of all the thinking. Yes, I notice it is quite repetitive. And habitual. And exhausting. I wonder how much of my meltdown was me just short-circuiting from so much internal commentary.

Who knows.

For now I’m watching. Watching the mind and reframing negative chit-chat wherever possible. Also taking to heart this wonderful quote by Pema Chodron a friend sent me:

“If you want there to be peace—anything from peace of mind
to peace on earth—here is the condensed instruction:
Stay with the initial tightening and don’t spin off.
Keep it simple.” ––Pema Chodron

Here’s wishing you peace of mind and simplicity. All the time.

All best,

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Other News

  • I’m excited to say that my proposal for teaching at Kripalu in Lenox, MA has been accepted. Coming in the spring of 2010 I’ll be offering my signature workshop: “Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Self.”
  • I’ve also been invited to teach a three-day program in Kuwait in the Fall of 2009. Still working out the details. I’ll let you know how that goes.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of writing these days was chosen Expert Author by Ezine To see a list of articles and read what I’ve written so far, click here.
  • Just published an article entitled “Clutter Clearing and Self-Care Go Together: Ten Ways to Lighten Up By Feeling Good.” Read it here.
  • Closing in on the final weekend of my Space Clearing Certificate Program on May 2-3 at the New England School of Feng Shui. It’s been fantastic. I’m looking forward to our field trip, where we’ll be space clearing the offices of Connecticut Magazine.

More workshops are in the works. Visit my Web site for details.

YouTube Laugh

Want a good laugh and a reminder of how amazing we are? Watch comedian Louis CK on the Conan O’Brien Show. “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy.”

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