Q: What’s the difference between your 28-day course, and your 365 day course?  Do I need to take the shorter course before the longer one?

A. Both the 28-day course and the 365-day course stand alone. You do not need to take the shorter one to be ready for the longer one. The biggest difference between the two is that the  28-day program gives you the foundation and taste for a whole new way to clear.

The yearlong takes you much further and deeper. The 365 “slow drip” lessons are designed to bypass the part of the brain that goes into fight-or-flight resisting patterns which lead to lasting change. It’s more of a gentle journey.

If you’re not sure, I recommend you do both!


Q. What is the difference between “A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back!” on DailyOM and the book, A Year to Clear? Are they the same?

A. While both resources take you on a 365-day journey of clearing and self-discovery, that appear, at first glance, to be two versions of the same thing, they are quite different. The course eases you into the “slow drip” clearing experience by delivering core teachings, audios, and videos in your email inbox every day.

The book, with double the content (personal stories, practices, and inspirational wisdom), expands and deepens the work. Though both stand alone and can be enjoyed separately, I recommend you begin your yearlong journey with this online course, and when it’s over, give yourself the gift of a second year to clear with the book as your guide. At the end of year one, you will not be the same person you were when you started. The book will revisit many of the teachings and give you new ones that you’ll be more ready and able to receive. It will give you a fresh perspective on how far you’ve come and new tools to take you where you want to be going. That said, for those of you who feel that this course is too “light,” the BOOK may provide the added depth that you’ve been looking for this year.


Q. How does “A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back!” compare to “A Year to Simplify Your Life”?  Can I take them both at the same time?

Both courses take you on a journey into the heart of your home and life.  The former delivers shorter daily bites that are easily digestible over a 365-day period, whereas the 52-week course goes deeper, like a rich meal that you savor and integrate more slowly and contemplatively, one week at a time. If the 365-day program takes you on a journey of “clearing what’s holding you back,” the 52-week course takes you on a journey of “cheering what’s calling you forward.”

While each course stands on its own, both programs inform and support one another really well and dovetail beautifully. So yes, you can take both yearlong courses at the same time. That said, if you’d like to ease into this clearing work, you might consider doing a year to clear first and take a second year to simplify your life.


Q. I bought and paid for the online course, but have not received my daily emails. What should I do?

Sorry you’re having trouble. Although I created the course, I do not handle the technical or administrative side of things. Check your junk mail first and see if they’re there. If they are, you can restore them internally through you email provider.

If they’re not there, CLICK HERE.


Q. I want my emails to go to a different email address.  What should I do?

Contact DailyOM’s Help Page HERE. They are very helpful! 😉


Q. I’m having trouble accessing the course. Can you help me?

Use your email to sign in and password you used to sign up. I recommend you bookmark the page for future ease. If that doesn’t help, click HERE.


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