Below is a select listing of Stephanie’s teleclasses. For the full listing go to Audios.


Hiding in Plain Sight: Your Home Has Something to Tell You

If your home could speak, what would it tell you? What would it say it needs more of? Less of? Find out as Stephanie Bennett Vogt takes you on a guided (meditative) tour of your home. Discover what your home has to say; which areas and possessions are more stuck than others; and what small, specific steps you can take to release stuck energy and bring about nourishing and lasting change in your home and life. This one-hour program aired as part of Insight Events Awareness Series. CLICK HERE to listen [and scroll down to replay]

Cultivate a Clear Home and Spacious Life

In this one hour interview with bestselling authors Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and HeatherAsh Amara, Stephanie shares what you can do to cultivate a clear home and a spacious life. For a simple clearing practice that is lasting (and feels good) advance to 40 minute mark (approx) on the counter. CLICK HERE to listen and download the audio file for free

Clearing Clutter as a Spiritual Practice

“I didn’t need to go on a pilgrimage or meditate on a mountaintop to find myself. My home became my temple, my clutter was my teacher, and my journey of self-discovery began with clearing out a single drawer.” In this free teleclass, Stephanie talks about how clearing things and thoughts that no longer serve us has the potential to be way juicier and more life changing than we even know. To listen to her super-relaxing “one-minute clearing meditation” go to the 44-minute mark on the counter. CLICK HERE to listen [please allow 30 seconds for audio to appear on your screen]

“Five S’s of Clearing” – Slow Down, Simplify, Sense, Surrender, Self-Care

In this lively conversation with HeatherAsh Amara via Skype, Stephanie shares her clearing wisdom, and includes a personal vulnerability that unexpectedly reveals itself to be cleared towards the end. CLICK HERE to watch

Organize Your Life for Flow

One hour teleclass which aired on March 28, 2012 as part of the Pearls of Wisdom Telesummit series. CLICK HERE to listen [please allow 30 seconds for the audio to appear on your screen]

Clutter, Clearing, and the Space In-Between

Stephanie talks with Dr. Doris Jeanette about what clutter means her – about “that space in between” clutter and clearing where the real magic happens. In this 30-minute conversation, Stephanie shares her personal experiences with clearing; how being neat and tidy doesn’t necessarily translate into being spacious; and her three keys to clearing success: awareness, repetition, and self-care. [note: actual interview begins at 4-minute mark] CLICK HERE to listen