Hi Stephanie!

Just wanted to send you a follow up email about your Chicago satellite group 🙂 .  It’s been going very, very well, and we all love your book. One of my friend’s job situation has changed for the better and now has a few exciting job prospects in the horizon, and she truly believes it’s because she de-cluttered and thus opened room for these opportunities.  So exciting to see the metamorphosis of this one person!

The other 3 of us have also been excited about our clearing journeys – ranging from basements, to email inboxes, to smaller steps (like you say – one paper clip at a time).  Since I have 2 little ones, I’ve been on the smaller side – for example, cleaning up the sippy cup level of that drawer, or the lazy Susan, or one bathroom.

A powerful exercise in that regard has been the one for everything having its place – just putting the dental floss back every night in the same place has been MIND BLOWING!!  Truly! And has flowed into other areas!

Another powerful unexpected outcome for me has been the “weather management” – how when I stub my toe or ten hats fall on my head, I just let it be THAT – a stubbed toe or ten hats on the ground, instead of the good old days when it snowballed into so much more. Granted, some days I can’t help that, but overall, I’ve been AMAZED at the change in that regard!!

I’ve read a few other feng shui or decluttering books, and yours goes way beyond the rest – it’s SOOOO holistic – such a combination – not just de-cluttering, but good soul stuff too! What a gift this book is! It has changed my life!

Thank you Stephanie!!! Hope to see you sometime..!  In the meantime I’ll await the online workshop.

Take care!

Chicago, Illinois

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