High on Clearing

“Lesson 121 – Yesterday my partner was wondering why I was laughing so much and being goofy! I said, I am high on clearing! I really have notice myself lightening up. I can see the [...]

Persist, Not Resist

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer If you’ve read my books, or followed me on this blog, you’ll know that I [...]

A Day to Remember

The video below has a great deal of significance for me for many reasons: Though it’s super short, it still manages to showcase some of my favorite photographs of Day of Dead in San Miguel [...]

Living Out Your Dream

“Kinda is lethal.”–Omeleto This one is for all you brave ones doing the work of clearing and realizing your dreams. Watch the video (below) to remind you, when you forget, why [...]

Progress is Not Linear

“Clearing is not something you “do,” fix, or squeeze into your life. It’s a way of life—a journey—that doesn’t always add up, make sense, or go in a straight line.” –A Year to Clear [...]