Living Out Your Dream

“Kinda is lethal.”–Omeleto This one is for all you brave ones doing the work of clearing and realizing your dreams. Watch the video (below) to remind you, when you forget, why [...]

The Keys to a Happy Home

It doesn’t matter if you live in a sprawling mansion surrounded by an old growth forest, or a tiny hovel apartment overlooking the town dump; if your spirit feels nourished and held, lifted [...]

Whatever You Do, Don’t Give Up!

Realizing a dream, any dream, can be messy and time-consuming. Whether it is creating good art, clearing out a massively cluttered house, or learning a new skill, the pathway to mastery can look [...]

Power in Prayer

Marianne Williamson posted a beautiful prayer on her Facebook page recently in response to an email she received from a woman in the Ukraine, grieving for her people. Wow. What a prayer. It is as [...]

Just Do It

If I could offer any wisdom about my journey so far, it would be this: If you have a passion for anything, do it. Now. Whether it is writing the next bestseller or keeping your email inbox [...]

Focusing On What Matters

It has been a week of epic proportions. Hurricane Sandy delivered a massive punch to all of us on the east coast. With the winds gusting upwards 80 miles an hour, amazingly, our home did not lose [...]