The Spacious Way is a simple, effective, game-changing approach to clearing your home and life developed by leading space clearing expert, bestselling author, and international teacher, Stephanie Bennett Vogt.

The magic of this clearing process is in the conscious and consistent blending of four pathways and five steps, which together, lead to sparkling clarity and lasting change:

  • 4 Pathways of Clearing are the core principles of this work: intention, action, non-identification and compassion. The four working together create a powerful, synergistic effect that makes even the tiniest one-minute efforts significant and lasting.
  • 5 Steps to Spaciousness are the nourishing practices of this work: slowing down, simplifying, sensing, surrendering, and self-care. When cultivated in small doses – every day – these steps gently build one upon another to grow new, sustainable habits that help bring out your best self and experience your best life.


Developed and distilled over 20 years, The Spacious Way method of clearing integrates space clearing, modern science, feminine wisdom, and Kaizen: the Japanese practice of continuous improvement.

Instead of “attacking” the stress and “getting rid of” the stuff, The Spacious Way works more gently to release the underlying causes – the patterns, resistances, attachments – of what is holding you back. One minute a day of slow-drip clearing morphs into more minutes, less effort, and less baggage – physical, mental, emotional, energetic. It promotes a calmer nervous system, a quieter mind, more ease, more space, more light, more joy.

Curious what it all means and how it applies to you?

CLICK HERE to read “Four Paths, Five Steps: The Spacious Way to Clear”

This post goes into more depth: explains what each pathway and step means exactly, and gives you an example of how you can play a much bigger game!

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